About Our Products

Do you have a credit card charge from "SO CIPHER DNA & GENEAL" or "SoCipherDNA OccGenealo" and you're not sure if it's legitimate? Yes, we are a legitimate company. You may have purchased one of our digital products through our blog, The Occasional Genealogist. Southern Cipher DNA & Genealogy, LLC is the business, The Occasional Genealogist is the blog.

(Why such confusing names? Well, we didn't know The Occasional Genealogist would be any more than a blog when it was created in 2016. The problem is, we're a very small business. We can't manage multiple LLCs and all the paperwork that entails when all we do is genealogy services and products. No one wants to hire "the occasional genealogist" to do their family history research for them so the business name is different than the blog.)

You can see a list of our upcoming products, here.

If you still have questions about the charge, after searching your email for a confirmation email from that date, you can contact us at support at southerncipherdna dot com. That email address is only for paid product support. If you have questions about the blog or hiring us, please use the appropriate contact form.