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For your first project with us, we offer research packages. Over a decade of professional experience has shown how difficult it is to estimate hours for a brand new project. Instead of taking up your time guesstimating how many hours are needed, we offer the packages below.

After your first project, we can provide custom options including monthly payment options for both traditional and DNA projects.

First Project Packages

Our services fall into two categories and two pricing tiers.

The categories are traditional research only (i.e. no DNA) or DNA plus traditional research (or just DNA). The distinction is not whether a project involves one type of research or two but that working with DNA takes a lot of time.

Traditional (no DNA)

“Consultations” currently unavailable

Small Review $197

Standard Review $375

Full-research project $987

no payment plan option for a first project

DNA/DNA + Traditional

DNA Consultation $99

Small Review unavailable for DNA projects

Standard Review $375

Full-research project with DNA $1700

2 payment plan options for full-research w/DNA

Start with a review!

Regardless of what service you are interested in, we encourage you to start with a review. A review is a perfect “first-project” because it gives us a chance to review you goal along with the information you already have (in a far more in-depth fashion than a “free consultation” ever could). After the review, we can provide much better suggestions of next-steps, including creating a custom research package or creating a research plan for you to execute.

Remember, custom packages aren’t available for first projects, but a review counts as a first project. From years of experience, we’ve found this model is a better use of your money and results in projects that are best tailored to your specific needs and budget.

If you are most interested in a full-research project and really want to get started, we can start with a review that goes directly into a full-research package. This gives us (researcher and client) a chance to adjust any goals or focus areas between the review and actual research. All research projects start with a review phase, this just builds in a chance for us to discuss any adjustments to your project instead of rushing ahead with research.

Most clients actually prefer starting with the review for this very reason. Some even stick with just reviews because they prefer to do their own research but the review (or “coaching,” when several reviews are purchased for one goal) provides some professional feedback and help without hogging all the fun of genealogy!

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