About Us

Hi! I'm Jennifer!

I'll be your genealogist, today.

Southern Cipher DNA & Genealogy, LLC is my company. I've been working as a professional genealogist since 2005 but SCDG is a new concept. In those 15+ years, a lot has changed in business and genealogy. It's about time you get to benefit from those changes.

I've always loved working with genealogists. It doesn't matter if you only want my advice on a tricky problem (a "review") or full-research. If you love doing genealogy, I love working with you. But helping hobbyist genealogists is also a bit more complicated than starting someone's family tree from scratch.

Using technology, I'm addressing the issues inherent in continuing someone else's research, while still acknowledging that every genealogy project is unique.

To learn more about my professional and educational background, check-out my LinkedIn profile.